Make a joyful noise…

Worship is a way of being, that consistently places us before God as a living sacrifice for his purpose and glory.  It is motivated by God indicating his love towards us, thus worship is a response to Him.  He initiates, we respond.  This life of worship taints all that we do and all we are.  It involves the mind as well as the heart.


This being true, a healthy worship ministry must see what it does while touching all aspects of life, thus we will focus on worshiping well in...

  1. Our songs of praise

  2. Our prayer life

  3. Our meditation and stillness

  4. Our communion with Jesus

  5. Our love for the Word of God

  6. Our financial stewardship

  7. Our self-denial

  8. Our care for others

  9. Our unity in the body

  10. Our discipleship

We must see worship as being more than music, but a way of being.  Music is just one of a million ways that we can respond to the love of God.


Our Focus

Worship is for God alone.  The focus is giving back to God the life and worship he has given to us.  As one person wrote. "there is only an audience of one, God."

That being said it is important that as we creatively lead people into all kinds of worship as we love them.  You can't authentically worship the Lord and not genuinely love His people.  We must be like the Good Shepherd who lays his life down for the sheep.


The People we Serve

The worship ministry at RLCC is involved in all of the different ministries in helping instill a heart of worship in all we do. Music Worship Ministry Team- Our Sunday morning worship team not only serves the Lord through singing and the arts, but it is also a warm, fun place to be. We have four groups that meet weekly.

Traditional Team:  Lead by Joan Anderson 541.815.4511

Contemporary Team:  Lead by Jim Roser 503.290.4131

Contemporary Team:  Lead by Terry Shelby 541.678.2476