Hope: A Risky Business

Last Sunday we journeyed into the story of Jairus and his daughter as well as the woman with the issue of uncontrollable bleeding.  As I think about each of these hurting, broken, desperate people I am reminded of the power hope has.  Hope calls us out of despair and moves us to risk disappointment and hurt.  If you're like me you've said, "I'm tired of being hurt and let down.  I am going to give up on hope and, in turn, I will protect my heart and avoid the pain."  The problem is when we cut ourselves off from our feelings of hurt (the "bad" feelings), we also cut ourselves off from joy, peace and acceptance (the "good" feelings).  The truth is that when we stop feeling, we stop being vulnerable which is the avenue we are not only injured but also the one we receive grace, mercy, forgiveness and acceptance. (Check out the video below from Brene' Brown on Embracing Vulnerability)

We will continue this topic next week as we look at Matthew 9:27-34, the story of Jesus healing two blind men and a demon possessed man.  Buckle up your heart!

Mike YunkerComment