Terry O'Casey 

Senior Pastor

Goooooood day Church Family,

My wife Carol and I went for a long hike along the tumbling rumbling Deschutes from Tumalo State Park up to Riley Nature Reserve this morning.  What a beautiful place God has gifted us all to live in.

I just wanted to entice you to join us Sundays for some life-infusing messages from the Gospel of Luke.  We are calling the summer series:"The Heart of Jesus".  We begin this Sunday with Peter in Luke 5.  He desperately tries to push Jesus away because of all the hurts and hang-ups that he, Peter wrestles with.  The Lord smiles and motions to Pete, "Not a problem, come, let's go on a great adventure together!"  Then next week's passage only gets better when we look at a woman who carried enormous baggage as she meets Jesus.  She leaves carrying armfuls of hope and love in Luke 7.

Hoping to see you at 8 or 10 this weekend.

May the Lord richly bless you!

Pastor Terry


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