About Us.

Real Life is what we are!  When God started this church over nineteen years ago, His heart was for a place where real people, with real hurts, could find the real God who cares and can make a difference.  And that is exactly what He has done! 

For the lost to experience God’s love and all to grow into Christ.


How do we live this out?

By intentionally creating relational environments, where Biblical discipleship can take place.

What can you expect when you come to Real Life Christian Church?

Relevant & Encouraging Worship

     God's desire is for us to live a life that worships Him for who He is.  Always connected with real life, worship is a source of encouragement and strength.

Excellence & Commitment To Quality

     No one is perfect and to look for it only causes frustration and disappointment.  Our heart is to give God our very best because He gives us His in His son Jesus Christ.

Adventurous Spirit

     Trusting in God should never be boring!  We love a tremendously crazy God who wants to reveal his goodness and kindness through all kinds of crazy adventures without fear.

Loving people,one at a Time

     We don't believe in crowd control.  Instead we love and care for people individually, right where they are at, brokenness and all.

Laughter and Fun

     Life isn't always fun, but everyone needs a safe place where they can relax, smile at themselves and be known.

Inspiring, Challenging & Biblical teaching

     At some churches you can feel simply like part of an audience.  At Real Life we see God building an army, thus we believe God's desire is for each of us to be equipped and empowered for a grand calling that changes lives for eternity.  Our personal and corporate teaching reflects that.

Faithfulness to God and His Purpose

     The Church has been left here on the earth to be the hands and feet of Jesus Himself.  We will never be distracted from God's purpose for us, to make disciples of every person on the planet.

Every Person a Servant-Leader

     We are part of a multiplication movement.  It is not enough for us to simply love God by serving him, but we must be leading others to do the same.  We see every person as a leader in the making