Mike Yunker  

Senior Pastor

Growing up in Grants Pass, Oregon and becoming a Christian at 15, being a first generation Believer has had its ups and downs, twists and turns.  I graduated from high school in 1991 intending to become a lawyer yet God had other plans.  Through a gracious gift from my church I instead enrolled at Boise Bible College.  Early on in my education ministry wasn’t even a thought, but as God does, He had a better plan for me than I had for myself.  I would eventually graduate with a B.A. in Biblical Studies and five years later from Cincinnati Bible Seminary with an M.A. in Biblical Studies.  In 2001, after five years of ministry in my home church, Redwood Christian, I moved to Bend to help a baby church get off the ground.  That church was Real Life.

Over a decade later, Real Life has been home to me, my wife Ashley and my two sons Noah and Jonah.  Here I am not just one of the pastors; I am part of the family and, as such, am loved and accepted with all my lumps and bumps just like everybody else. 

As a church we are so in love with Jesus because He is so in love with us and we desire the whole world, beginning with Bend, to experience and be transformed by that amazing love.   We live by the simple truth that each of us has been called and empowered to love the whole world, one person at a time.  Our hope is that we will do this by being intentional in our friendships so that Jesus will be revealed and thus Biblical discipleship can take place